The Idea

The origins of Gorilla Give date back to 2013 when our founder Dustin Graves was asked to help with a PowerPoint presentation for an annual fundraising auction. The leading auction software at the time was initially designed in the ’80s and not capable of handling the live portions of the event, yet was still very costly. Spreadsheets were used to manage the other portions of the event.
Having a background in software and technology he quickly realized the opportunity for streamlining and improving the process. The sections of the event managed by spreadsheets were replaced by simple applications that reduce human error and increase ease of use.
As Dustin was serving as a board member, he started helping other nonprofits with their auctions. He sought out solutions that would scale and noticed a trend, the fee associated with nonprofit software was astronomical. In addition to the excessive monthly/annual cost, the added fees ranged anywhere from 5% - 15% of the event's proceeds: most of these solutions focused solely on online giving, or online auctions. It became clear that there wasn’t a great solution that solved all the problems. The culmination of these experiences spawned the idea for Gorilla Give.

The Solution

Today we are on a mission to provide transparent pricing and eliminate fees. Our engineers bring experience from Apple, TIME magazine, SAP, T-Mobile, Concur, and Northrop Grumman to name a few. Combining industry practices and experience with the needs from the nonprofit community that many of our team are members of themselves, Gorilla Give is building a platform that breaks down the barriers for nonprofits to have affordable access to world-class software designed to solve problems previously unaddressed.

Our Commitment

Our commitment also goes further than this. We are pledging a combined 10% of our Time, Treasure, and Talent to give back to the nonprofit community on top of our dedication to the platform.

Meet our Founder

Dustin Graves


Dustin is a Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience in designing technology solutions. He serves on the Board for the Mount Baker Council, BSA. Dustin has BS in Information Technology and has worked in several different industries including defense, telematics and media. Dustin can be found hanging out with his family or cycling.